Professional wholesale car detailing service

Dealership Detailing

Wholesale Car Detailing for Dealership Clients

GoDetail has worked with car dealerships ranging from Carvana of Portland, Toyota of Vancouver, Polaris, Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda and many more. Some of which we still work with on a weekly basis.

Our mobile detail teams go above and beyond to give each vehicle we work on a head-to-toe professional experience. It’s our guarantee that every single time we step foot on site; our experts will deliver an unmatched level of service that makes us stand out from other dealership detailers. The following is a list of reasons why dealerships choose to work with GoDetail:


Why Car Dealerships Choose GoDetail for Outsourcing

  1. They want detailed, clean cars in their vehicle lot ready for customers asap.
  2. Need a company who can help detail up to 15 cars/day with quality and care.
  3. Their current detailing services (in house detailers) cannot maintain the quality they need in a timely manner.
  4. Their current detailing services (in house detailers) cannot keep up pace with the sales due to being short staffed
  5. Vehicle preparation / logistics are being neglected due to lack of detailer resources or time… resulting in low customer satisfaction & dealership visits that don’t meet expectations from owners who expect top notch service from their chosen luxury car brands.


Outsourcing When Behind Schedule

With our mobile detailing services, you always have a team of trained professionals to rely on when things pick up. This allows you to live up to the promises that you make to your customers. GoDetail understands the importance of providing a trusted relationship with our dealership detailing clients and we take pride in understanding each client’s needs as a unique company rather than just another number or transaction.


Customized Dealership Detailing Packages

GoDetail is committed to working one-on-one with each organization we work with in order to provide custom detailing services that help meet both short and long term goals.

Dealership owners have access to our entire list of auto detailing services including: interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, paint correction, engine bay detailing, headlight restoration, wheel cleaning, window tinting, ceramic coating installation and much more. Car dealerships can choose from group packages or they can schedule individual appointments per vehicle as needed.


Wholesale Pricing on Car Detailing for Dealerships

GoDetail understands the needs of the automotive industry. We are dedicated to providing your dealership with wholesale pricing on our detailing services. Our expert technicians will work closely with you to help achieve the best results possible while staying within your budget. Quality car detailing is essential for helping keep your vehicles looking new and working properly, which can ultimately lead to increased sales.

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 vehicles


Wholesale Full Detailing Price Any Size Vehicle ($120 & UP)

  • Full Wipe Down
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Clean all Windows
  • Clean & Protect Plastic
  • Upholstery clean, and extract
  • Leather Treatment
  • Minor Pet Hair Removal
  • Minor Carpet Stain Removal
  • Detail Floor Mats
  • Detail Trunk
  • Clean Door Jams
  • Air Freshener Treatment
  • Professional Hand Wash
  • Bug Removal
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Pressure wash Rims and Tires
  • Remove lettering/chalk on windows
  • Dress Tires
  • Clean Wheel Wells


GoDetail provides custom detailing services to a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. Our staff includes highly trained and skilled detailing professionals with years of experience working on all types of sedans, SUV’s and trucks alike. We specialize in car detailing for car dealerships.

To inquire about becoming a dealership client please call (971) 290-1109 and ask for the owner Alan regarding dealership car detailing. We are determined to help your dealership get back on track!

Carbon Footprint
Ease of Use
Towels Used
Regular Car Wash
Up to 50 gallons of water per wash
Scratches and damages car paint
Customers have to drive and wait
First come first serve, waiting in line
Average service and quality of work
Uses harmful chemicals and pollutants
Cheap product bought in bulk
Re-used microfiber towels
Our Hand Wash
Only 3 gallons of water per wash
Lubricated car wash without scratching
We come to your home or office
Easy booking online or by phone
5 star service and 100% satisfaction
Eco-friendly car wash and biodegradable
Highest quality car products and tools
Brand new microfibers for every car wash


How do I book a service?

You can come into our shop Monday to Friday anytime from 9 AM to 5 PM and we can try to fit you in. However we advise you call ahead of time to make sure we can serve you. Additionaly you can book an appointment anytime by phone or online. For the fastest response time you can call or text 503-730-0014 Monday to Sunday anytime from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can also easily book online by clicking here.

Can you detail my car at my home, office or appartment?

Yes we can! All we need is access to electricity and water. We carry 100 ft hoses and 200 ft extention cords for water and electricity so its easy for us to access power and water at your location.

How long does the detail usually take?

Each detail takes a different amount of time depending on the size and dirtyness of the vehicle. On average it takes 2-3 hours for an Exterior Detail job. It takes 2-4 hours for an Interior Detail job, and it takes 3-5 hours for a Full Detail job. Call us for a better idea of time.

How long will the detail last?

GoDetail prides ourselves on how long we are able to keep your car clean even after we are done detailing. We generously apply various paint, window, and plastic sealants and protectants all over your car to keep it shinning and protected for longer. We like to give our customers a lot of value for their money and making the detail job last a long time is our priority.

What if I don't have access to water or electricity?

We offer At-Shop Detailing at our Beaverton, OR location. Contact our shop at 503-730-0014 to find out when we could fit you in. Our shop offers a waiting room for our clients and complimentary wifi. If you don't want to wait there are many options for dropping off your car, you can either have a friend drop your car off with you or simply call an Uber.

Shop Location:

10950 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR 97005, Portland, OR 97225, Unit #250