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Partnered with Industry Leaders

Get Professional Fleet Detailing Done at your location with GoDetail. Our services include complete detail, wash & wax, vacuuming and advanced protection to keep your fleet looking its best for longer.

Partnered with Industry Leaders

Dealerships and Fleets Welcome. Get Professional Detailing Done at your location with GoDetail.

Project Overview: At Carvana we are able to detail upwards of 25 vehicles per day to keep their reconditioning line going, allowing their team to focus on more high-priority tasks such as vehicle delivery and sales.

Project Overview: We work with dealership clients like Tesla, and have fully dedicated teams to accommodate and staff any project. This includes loaner cars detailing, white label detailing, and brand new vehicle prep.

Project Overview: GoDetail took on a hefty task for Toyota restoring 90 used trade-in cars in 2 weeks, our team handled everything from paint correction to polishing. The Result? Stunning vehicles with boosted resale value.

Dealership & Fleet Cleaning

We set up dedicated detail teams for your dealership or business by staffing your business with our skilled technicians. Plus, every detail is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, ensuring perfection every time.

Dealership & Fleet Cleaning

We set up a dedicated detail team for your dealership by staffing your business with our expert technicians.



  • NInside & Outside
  • NDedicated Team
  • NWholesale Prices


Loaner Cars

  • NQuick Turnaround
  • N100% Satisfaction
  • NDealer Discount


Express Wash

  • NScratch Removal
  • NPaint Polishing
  • NFleet Discount


Used Trade-Ins

  • NMake Look NEW
  • NShampoo Treatment
  • NOdor Removal



2 min video

See what makes GoDetail the top choice for everything car detailing. At Home or At Shop service available.



2 min video

We walk you through our Car Detailing Process from start to finish on a one of a kind corvette, the transformation is night and day.

On-Site Service

We bring the car detailing to your job site or dealership

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Software & Systems

At GoDetail, our hallmark is effortless integration. Whatever operating system you’re running, our team excels at blending our services seamlessly into it. This guarantees a fluid workflow for you while avoiding any setbacks.

Software & Systems

At GoDetail, our hallmark is effortless integration. Whatever operating system you’re running, our team excels at blending our services seamlessly into it. This guarantees a fluid workflow for you, while avoiding any setbacks.

Professional Fleet Cleaning Services in Portland

GoDetail is Portland’s biggest fleet cleaning company, serving our Northwest Dealerships since 2014. We provide thorough detailing services for your equipment, including hand washing, waxing, carpet shampooing, tire dressing, and window cleaning. Our team takes pride in their work and pays attention to every surface of your commercial vehicles to ensure they are sparkling clean.

Dealership Partner Services

GoDetail is a leader in providing Outsourced Partner Services tailored to meet the unique needs of our Dealer Clients. Recognizing the importance of pristine vehicle presentation, we establish dedicated detail teams specifically for your dealership. Every member of our team is meticulously trained, ensuring that your vehicles shine both inside and out. With our expertise, you can be confident that our professionals will elevate the aesthetic appeal of every car on your lot.

Auto Reconditioning Services

In addition to exterior detailing, we also offer interior cleaning services such as a full wipe down, double vacuuming, window cleaning, and plastic protection. We can also clean and treat upholstery and leather, remove pet hair, and remove stains from carpets and mats.

Wholesale Discounts for Fleet Cleaning Services

For businesses with two or more vehicles, we offer wholesale discounts up to 35% OFF the total. If you have more than ten vehicles, our discount increases up to 50% OFF. For larger fleets of over 20 vehicles, please call us at (503) 730-0014 to discuss pricing further.

Hours of Operation and Contact Info

GoDetail is open Monday through Friday, 8AM to 5PM PST, and we are also available on Sundays by request. Contact us today to schedule your fleet cleaning service and see the difference for yourself. We offer a free quote and strive to make all cars look and feel new once again.

Contact our Dealership Success Manager, Gunnar Behny at (503) 730-0014. Ask us about our Dealer Program.


How can I book an appointment?

You can come into our shop Monday to Friday anytime from 9 AM to 5 PM and we can try to fit you in. However we advise you call ahead of time to make sure we can serve you. Additionaly you can book an appointment anytime by phone or online. For the fastest response time you can call or text 503-730-0014 Monday to Sunday anytime from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can also easily book online by clicking here.

Can you detail my car at my home, office or appartment?

Yes we can! All we need is access to electricity and water. We carry 100 ft hoses and 200 ft extention cords for water and electricity so its easy for us to access power and water at your location.

How long does the detail usually take?

Each detail takes a different amount of time depending on the size and dirtyness of the vehicle. On average it takes 2-3 hours for an Exterior Detail job. It takes 2-4 hours for an Interior Detail job, and it takes 3-5 hours for a Full Detail job. Call us for a better idea of time.

How long will the detail last?

GoDetail prides ourselves on how long we are able to keep your car clean even after we are done detailing. We generously apply various paint, window, and plastic sealants and protectants all over your car to keep it shinning and protected for longer. We like to give our customers a lot of value for their money and making the detail job last a long time is our priority.

What if I don't have access to water or electricity?

We offer At-Shop Detailing at our Beaverton, OR location. Contact our shop at 503-730-0014 to find out when we could fit you in. Our shop offers a waiting room for our clients and complimentary wifi. If you don't want to wait there are many options for dropping off your car, you can either have a friend drop your car off with you or simply call an Uber.

Shop Location:

10950 SW 5th St, Beaverton, OR 97005, Portland, OR 97225 

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